joseph-dominguezMy diverse and well-rounded path includes working as a designer with entertainment properties creating style guides and merchandising campaigns, an art director for a television station where I created all the on-air graphics, and a career in commercial and editorial photography.

An artist at heart, curious and creative by nature, my incessant looking and my drive to be better at what I do leads me through doors of exploration using old and new tools, technology and hustle – I’m always researching and learning, moving freely between the analog and digital realms. I use a sketchbook and consider it just as primary a tool as Creative Cloud.

I watch and learn, inspire and mentor, keep quiet and speak-up when needed. The people who have, and continue to inspire my work, are the likes of Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Kyle CooperPatrick Demarchelier and recently Erik Abel and Kesler Tran.

Thanks for having a look.

Talk soon, ~ Joe D