Some friends and I were sitting around the fire sampling some of the beer one of them had been making for his microbrewery and there was talk about beer labels. Seems he had tried a couple designers and was not happy with what he had been shown and he and I got into a great dialogue about craft. He was looking for something that had this hand-made quality to it. He was excited once the sketches started coming his way and was very pleased with the final results. The collection below includes some early sketches, hand-drawn elements used in the final labels and the labels themselves. I drew each element, scanned it then used Illustrator to composite the final art. Sketches are at the bottom.

Client Cambria Beer Company
Agency Dominguez Studio
Art Director Joseph Dominguez
Illustrator Joseph Dominguez
Designer Joseph Dominguez


cambria-beer-company-v5 cambria-beer-company-v4cambria-beer-company-label-sketch-5 cambria-beer-company-label-sketch-6 cambria-beer-company-label-sketch-7 cambria-beer-company-label-sketch-1 cambria-beer-company-label-sketch-2 cambria-beer-company-label-sketch-9 cambria-beer-company-label-sketch-11 img005